Frequently Asked Questions

What does Party Wall mean?

Party Wall means an interior wall in the Building that separates two adjoining Townhomes, is located substantially along the shared interior Parcel line that bounds the adjoining Townhomes, begins at the foundation of each Townhome, provides common support to each Townhome, and continues up to the ridge of the roof and the trusses that support the roof, creates  and supports two separate and structurally sound independent buildings on either side of such interior wall, consists of partitions and panels inserted between floor and ceiling runners, and other components as specified on the plans.

What does a Party Wall Agreement look like?

Click the following link to view an Agreement: Party Wall Agreement

How can I get a copy of my Party Wall Agreement?

If you would like a copy of the Party Wall agreement for your Lot please send a request in writing along with a copy of your warranty deed to the District Manager at:


East Bend Metro District
Timberline District Consulting
c/o Ashley Myers
2641 E Uintah St, Box 9001
Colorado Springs, CO 80909


or email

Subject: Party Wall Agreement Request

Party Wall Information



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