Frequently Asked Questions

I have a request for the COI or Master Insurance Policy, why can I not locate that information?

Thank you for reaching out. As we are a Metro District, which is a quasi-governmental entity, and not an HOA, we do not and are not required to provide a copy of the Master Insurance Policy. All information for public consumption can be found on the community website in the documents tab or by clicking the following link:

How is my insurance affected by the community's Party Wall agreement?

Due to East Bend Metro District not having an HOA, each individual unit within every paired product has a Party Wall Agreement. Each side of the structure has an Agreement indicating that the responsibility of insurance lies solely with each owner.


Real Estate brokers, lenders, and agents should be advising their buyers that this is their responsibility to have ready and provide proof for closing.

How are Metro Districts different from Homeowners' Associations?

A Metro District quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado formed to provide necessary public services that the county or municipality cannot otherwise provide. It is essentially a tax-exempt financing mechanism used for the installation, operation, and maintenance of public infrastructure. A District has significantly broader powers than a Homeowners association (“HOA”), including the power to impose property taxes, and other fees and charges. 


An HOA is separate and distinct from a special district and is generally responsible for enforcing restrictive covenants in the community to help maintain property values. Although an HOA is normally responsible for the maintenance and operation of some improvements within a development, it may assess dues to its members but has no ability to impose taxes. A special district uses property taxes and fees and charges to pay for its services. Unlike HOA fees, property taxes are tax deductible and collected by the County.

Where can I find more information about Metro Districts?

More information can be found by visiting the Metro District Education Coalition or clicking this link and reviewing the Metro District FAQ page.


I need a Status Letter, is there a template?

Yes, you can find the template by clicking HERE! Once the status letter is sent back to me I can input the PRORATED Metro District Fee.

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