Frequently Asked Questions

What provider does East Bend Metro District use for Trash Services?

Trash and Recycling Services are provided by HBS.

Do my Metro District Fees pay for my Trash Services?

Please Note: Metro District fees do not cover the quarterly payments necessary to have trash and recycling services.


You can set your services up by filling out the following form: New Customer Form

You can view more information about East Bend Metro District and Trash by clicking the following link: Trash Intro Letter

How do I set up Trash and Recycling Services?

Please click here to fill out HBS's services form or scan the QR code below. You will receive a call from an HBS within 3 business days to go over services and set them up. The first quarterly payment will be required to initiate service.


When is Trash and Recycling picked up?

Trash is picked up every Thursday and Recycle is picked up every other Thursday. Please have your totes put out by 7am on Thursday mornings. 



Trash and Recycling Services

For Trash Service questions please contact HBS Trash Services at 720-547-8600

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